Slenderbang (Gay Paranormal Tentacle Erotica) Anna Summers



Kindle Edition

20 pages


Slenderbang (Gay Paranormal Tentacle Erotica)  by  Anna Summers

Slenderbang (Gay Paranormal Tentacle Erotica) by Anna Summers
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 20 pages | ISBN: | 8.76 Mb

Brent and his friends are off into the woods, looking for a mysterious creature. Rumor has it that strange things are happening whenever it is around.Will they find the creature? And will Brent be able to make a move on his secret love interest Josh?Slenderbang contains explicit gay sexual scenes, including oral and anal intercourse that may or may not involve tentacled, suit-wearing monsters.Excerpt:“Don´t say anything,” he hushed, coming nearer.

He embraced Brent, their lips touched. Brent was frozen stiff, didn´t know how to react. His body knew though. Josh´s soft lips were on his and Brent opened his mouth just a bit....Now it was time for Brent´s shaft to get its rightful attention. It had now grown to full size and was as hard as it could be. Josh took the head into his mouth and licked it with his tongue, concentrating on the point just under the tip. This wasn´t the first time for him to be doing this, that much was obvious.

Slowly he began to take it all into his mouth. He moved his head back and forth, letting his cock slide in, slide out. The slurping made Brent even hornier. If he could just move. What does the creature want from me? Brent would soon learn just what it was.

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